Maa Adore Infraservices
(India) Private Limited

Our Services:-

We believe in 'Total Quality Services' and look forward to challenging assignments. The services offered by us are:-


Care-taking Services.


Diesel Filling.


Maintenance Services.




Corporate Services.


Man Power providing.

Maintenance Services:- We undertake maintenance services to include engineering services, preventive maintenance, air-conditioning, plumbing, electrical services, carpentry and masonry work and maintenance of lawns and gardens.

Care-taking Services:-We undertake responsibilities like care taking of assets involving housekeeping / maintenance and security, including those at remote places like communication towers, heritage sites, and vacant properties and the like.

Housekeeping:- This includes all kinds of premises like offices, rest rooms, public areas, floor buffing, glass cleaning, facade washing, graffiti removal, railway stations, rail coaches, carpet shampooing and the likes.

Provision of Drivers:- The group has long experience in transport operations. We provide well trained and competent drivers to our clients to meet the individual needs, corporate needs as ell as provisions for mass deployment of drivers like for DTC and call centers. We have facilities for professional testing and training of drivers to international standards, both for light and heavy vehicle drivers. We also undertake valet parking for hotels and at special events.

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